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Closed shops of the Jewish Quarter
on the Jewish Sabbath, Jerusalem, 1900

Online Educational Resources for Teaching the Middle East

Grades 9-12

  The research team does not necessarily endorse these resources. Educators may use as   they see fit.

  • Lessons Plans (26)


    Adprima Student Lesson Plan: Lesson Plan on the Crusades view

    American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee: Lesson Plan: “Arab Culture and Society” view

    Arab Culture Through Literature and Film: A Five Unit High School Curriculum view

    Center of Middle Eastern Studies: Lesson Plans (University of Arizona) view

    “Daily Life in the Middle East” view

    EconEdLink: Economic and Personal Finances Resources for K-12: “The Price of Gasoline: What’s Behind It?” view

    Global Connections (PBS): “The Middle East” view

    Heritage: Civilization and the Jews (PBS) view

    Incredible Art Department view

    “Islam: History, Society, and Civilization” view

    Lesson Plans on Muslim Women from Around the World view

    Middle Eastern Studies: Curriculum Units and Online Resources (University of Texas) view

    “Muslim Women Through Time” view

    National Center for History in the Schools: “The Byzantine Empire in the Age of Justinian” view source one & source two

    National Geographic Education: “Alike and Different: The Middle East and the United States” view

    Ohio Department of Education Lesson Plan: “East Meets West: Effects of the Crusades” view

    “Oil, OPEC, and You”view

    “Oil and Water in the Middle East Region” view

    PBS News hour Lesson Plan: Middle East and North Africa Geography view

    The Byzantine Empire: on 1 (Wikispaces) view

    “The Light in Her Eyes” (PBS) view

    “The Middle East: Land of Contrasts” view

    Thirteen Ed Online: Lesson Plans: “Exploring Islamic Lands” view

    Tunisia’s Lessons in Revolution (The Egyptian Independent) view

    “Unmasking the Middle East: Examining the Political, Religious, and Ethnic Relationships Among Middle Eastern Countries” view

    Women in Iran view

  • Videos/Movies (10)


    Edward Said Lecture on the “Clash of Civilizations” view

    “Edward Said On Orientalism” view introduction & view source

    Interview Laila Shaw view

    Palestine in 1896 view

    “Persepolis” view

    “Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People” view source one & view source two

    Sling Shot Hip Hop view

    “Slingshot Hip Hop” view

    The Evolution of Arab Revolutions Episode view

  • Blogs (3)


    Egypt’s 1952 Revolution Blog view

    Muslimah Media Watch view

    The Learning Network (The New York Times): “Peace Signs” view

  • Interactive Content (1)


    Gifts of the Sultan view source one & view source two

  • Timelines (2)


    Arab Spring: An Interactive Timeline of the Middle East Protests view

  • Maps (4)


    Interactive Map view

    The Global Education Project view

    Imperial and Global History view

    Ottoman Souvenir view

  • Audio (3)


    Audio of Ataturk’s 1933 speech view

    Songs for Tahrir: What makes a composer a legend? And what makes a revolt a revolution? (BBC) view

    Um Kulthum curriculum view

  • Miscellaneous (64)


    1001 Inventions Teachers’ Pack: Discover the Muslim Heritage in Our World view

    1000 Years of Missing Science view

    Afropop Worldwide view

    Alternate translations of the poems view

    An update on the leaders and countries where protests have turned violent view

    Arab Art Gallery view

    Arab Science: A Journey of Innovation view

    Art and Architecture in the Arab World view

    Art Attack: How graffiti as used to condemn the regime’s oppression in Egypt view

    Artistes Arabes Associés AAA 096 Les Archives de la Musique Arabe view

    Athr Gallery view

    British Museum: Mesopotamia Web Site Staff Room view

    Caabu. Islamic Art view

    Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (University of Illinois): Middle East Curriculum Resources view

    “Days of Rage” by Steven Coll view

    “Diary of a Mad Arabian Woman” view

    Edge of Arabia: Saudi Artists view

    Educating for Cultural Literacy and Mutual Respect: Muslim Contributions to Civilization view

    Egyptians campaign for independence, 1919-1922 view

    Empowering Arab female scientists (Nature) view

    eThemes (University of Missouri): Byzantine Empire view

    Flocabulary: Hip-Hop in the Classroom: The Byzantine Empire: “Gettin’ Byzzy with It” view

    Foundation for Arab Music Archiving and Research view

    Hip Hop from '48 Palestine: Youth, Music, and the Present/Absent view

    Hip-Hop’s Response to the Arab Awakening view

    How the Arab Spring began (BBC video clip) view

    How women scientists fare in the Arab world (Nature) view

    ICC Summary of Verdict Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. (United Kingdom v. Iran) view

    Ismail Shammout view

    Kurd Men For Equality view

    MENA artists view

    Muslim Heritage view

    “Muslima” view

    Muslima: Muslim Women’s Art and Voices view

    Newsweek's 'MUSLIM RAGE' Cover Draws Angry Protest view

    Occupy Wall Street view

    Palestine Remembered view

    Penn Arts and Sciences: Middle East Center view

    Photographic Archive of Maryam Sahinyan (Hurriyet Daily News)” view

    Project Look Sharp: Media Construction of the Middle East (Ithaca College) view

    Qatar Digital Library: Middle East History in 500,000 images view

    “Restoring Women to World Studies” view

    Saudi Aramco World view Byzantine Empire view

    Teaching the Middle East: A Resource for Educators view

    Teach Mideast: An Educational Initiative of the Middle East Policy Council view

    TES Connect: History: The Crusades teaching resources view

    The Arab Spring view

    The Choices Program: “The U.S. and Iran: Confronting Policy Alternatives” view

    The crucial role of geometry in Islamic art view

    The Poetry of Revolt (Jaddaliya) view

    The Poetry of Revolution (Huffington Post) view

    The Revolution has a Soundtrack view

    The Strangling of Persia view

    TIME Magazine Articles from Mossadegh Era view

    Translations of Abu al-Qasim al-Shabi’s ‘If the People Wanted Life One Day’ view

    Travelers in the Middle East Archive (TIMEA) view

    Tunisian Poet’s Verses Insprie Arab Protesters (NPR) view

    Um Kulthum view

    Voice of the people view

    What are some typical misperceptions and stereotypes Westerners hold about Islam and the Middle East, and vice versa? view

    “Women Pioneers Collection” view